From humble beginnings

Twenty-one year old Matteo Gazzola came to Australia in 1925, one of a group of five young men from the town of Pove del Grappa, North-West of Venice, Italy.

For the next two years, the group produced potatoes at Iona in West Gippsland. Matteo went on to work as a drainage contractor in Melbourne, a coal miner at Kilcunda and at a tobacco operation near Myrtleford.

F&G partnership

In 1932 Matteo Gazzola and Dominic Favero formed the Favero & Gazzola partnership on 72 acres at NarreWarren South. Here they grew Cabbage, Carrots, Beetroot, Asparagus and Lettuce for the Government.

By 1939 they had expanded production to market these crops at Melbourne’s Victoria Market.

Matteo and a young Luis Gazzola during the war years

In 1954 Luis Gazzola joined the business full-time, marketing F&G produce at the Victoria Market.

In 1957, Matteo and Dominic retired, leaving the partnership to their sons Aldo and Luis Gazzola and John and Silvio Favero.

By this time, F&G had become leading producers of Celery, Lettuce, Cabbage, Beetroot and Carrots for Melbourne and interstate markets. The F&G partnership was to continue for over 53 years.

Luis Gazzola returning from Vic market

Wholesale Marketing

Following the dissolution of the F&G partnership in 1985, Luis and his sons Paul and Colin operated a wholesale produce business at the Melbourne Wholesale Market, Footscray.

Luis and his sons Paul and Colin


By 1988 Colin and the following year Paul, were operating farming businesses at Bundaberg QLD, producing Sugar cane, Avocado and a variety of seasonal crops including, Capsicum, Eggplant, Zucchini, Watermelon and Pumpkin.

Colin & Paul at Bundaberg


In 1991 Luis and youngest son Andrew, began to develop a vegetable farm at Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula.

Paul returned from Bundaberg in 1992 and continued to develop the Somerville Farm and the business of L&G Gazzola & Sons P/L.



In 1995, seeking a secure water supply and suitable soil, Luis Gazzola expanded the family’s interest to develop their production farm at Boneo, near Rosebud.



Luis is now semi-retired, representing the interests of Victorian Vegetable Growers as a director of AusVeg and with the Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria.

2010 Honours for Luis and Gazzola Farms

Paul and Andrew currently operate the family business and 550+ acre farm at Somerville which employs over 50? staff and harvest crews.


Colin Gazzola returned from Bundaberg in 1997 and now manages their 350+ acre farm at Boneo.


Gazzola Farms P/L is widely recognised as a leading supplier of Celery, Broccoli, Asian Vegetables and Lettuce varieties throughout Australia.

Brothers Paul, Colin & Andrew


To provide a quality product on a consistent basis to our many valued customers that not only meets, but exceeds their expectations where possible.

To develop a good business working relationship with all of our customers that is based on loyalty and integrity, but above all on honesty.

To develop and maintain a sustainable working staff who are loyal to Gazzola Farms Pty. Ltd., and who place the interests of our valued customers at the forefront of their endeavours.